Wine and the Word
An Evening of Wine, Snacks
and Stimulating Conversation

The Fourth Thursday of Each Month
7:00 - 8:30 PM

Our Next Gathering Will Be:
Tuesday, Oct. 22

Bring a friend and come join us as we relax
with beverages and snacks, and discuss a whole
range of matters that impact our everyday lives.
Too often we just don’t make time for conversations such as these.

This Month's Topic
After a invigorating discussion last month of what brings us joy,
this month we will explore the emotion of anger.
A recent poll has shown that Americans are
angrier than they were a generation ago.
That gives us a reason to think about the things that
anger us and consider what that means for us as followers of Jesus.

No need to RSVP, just come and
bring a snack to share if you wish.

Child care will be provided,
please call the church office
for details.

We will be meeting at the home of:
Chris & Karen de Vos
1955 Venice
South Lake Tahoe