Tuesday, Aug. 16 at 1:00 PM
Meeting in the Church Library

We will be Discussing:
Across the Deep
by Lisa McGuinness

Our second summer book discussion gathering is coming up.
We will be discussing Lisa McGuinness’ novel, Across the Deep.
Lisa is the daughter-in-law of Bill and Kathy McGuinness.
She is the Executive Director of the SE Asian Rescue Coalition and Haven.
As an author of several books, she chose to approach this horrific problem by means of a novel.
It is the perfect mix of tragedy and humor, pain and redemption as it explores
the lives of brave and resilient young women living in a safe haven.

Human trafficking is rampant.
Susan Baker will be bringing us information about how this is taking place right here at Lake Tahoe.
Are there ways we can reach out? Come explore with us.

We will meet in the church library.
Books are available for $16 on the book table.
Several loaners are available.