Sunday Morning Bible Study

Advent Bible Study
Nov. 26 - Dec. 17
9:00 - 9:50
Meeting Upstairs in the Room Across
from our Pastor's Office.

Why didn't Mary and Joseph go to Elizabeth's house
for the birth of Jesus? She lived nearby!
Why was the town of Bethlehem so hard-hearted that no private
home would take them in if there was 'no room in the inn?'
If the Holy Family was in a dirty stable, why didn't the shepherds
invite them at once to their own homes?
In these four half-hour lectures, Dr. Kenneth Bailey brings
fresh answers to these and other questions
regarding the Christmas story."

Dr. Kenneth Bailey is a Presbyterian scholar who lived most of his life
in the Middle East. From his wealth of knowledge,
he will bring surprising insights that will forever
change how we view the Nativity story.

If you haven’t joined us before, this 4-week study is
a great opportunity to try adult education at LTCPC.