Sunday Morning Bible Study for Adults
9:00 - 9:55 AM
Meets in the Rabbi's Study
Behind the Front of the Sanctuary


Please let us know by Dec. 8 which Study appeals to you for our
Sunday Morning Bible Study Beginning in January 2020.
You can email your vote to
or put your vote in the offering plate on Sunday morning.

Choice #1: Christianity and World Religions (DVD & Study Guide- 6 weeks)

In Adam Hamilton's book, Christianity and World Religions, Revised Edition, he examines the world's major religions - Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. Christian readers will gain a better understanding of the similarities and differences between Christianity and the faiths of some of their next door neighbors, and perhaps be better prepared to know how to love and care for them.

Questions involved in studying the Theology of Religions include:
1) Why are there so many religions?
2) What is the relationship between these religions?
3) How does God look at people of other religions?
4) What is the eternal faith of those who practice a religion other than Christianity?

Studying other religions can also help us clarify, why we believe what we believe.
In each chapter, you'll read about one of the major religions, discovering its essential beliefs and the historical setting of each faith. This study looks for common ground while noting differences so that hopefully readers will come away with a better understanding and appreciation of other faiths and be led to better fulfill Jesus' command to "love our neighbor as we love ourselves." The book costs $12 and there will be some available to borrow.
To watch the Lesson 1 video (approximately 15 minutes): In your computer, go to and type “Christianity and World Religions by Adam Hamilton” in the search line. Look for a video titled "Christianity and World Religions 1st Session”.

Choice #2: The Art of Forgiving – Lewis Smedes (Book Study)

Within the capacity of every wounded person, even in circumstances when only hate seems possible, there is the ability to forgive. If we are ready to make peace with those who have hurt or betrayed us, author Lewis Smedes will lead us through three stages of forgiveness. Using dramatic examples drawn from life, this wise author illuminates, step by step, the healing path to peace and freedom.
He helps us understand:
Why we forgive (often the person who benefits most is the forgiver)
What we do when we forgive (perhaps not what we expect)
Whom we forgive (only those who directly wrong us)
How we forgive (we start by owning our pain)
The participant book costs approximately $12. There will be books available to borrow.

Choice #3: Continue with Wired Word

This class offers an opportunity to discuss events currently in our news against the backdrop of the Bible.

The format of each lesson will include:
*The facilitator introduces the lesson
*A summary of an event currently in the news
*Questions for consideration or discussion about the topic
*Scripture references to help confront the news with hope
*Additional group discussion questions
*Suggestions for responding to the news


The Purpose of Christmas
by Rick Warren
Dec. 1 - Dec. 15

Pastor Rick explains that Christmas is a time for:
*Reconciliation (with God and others)
Unwrapping your Christmas gift.
“If you sacrificed all you had to buy me a priceless and personalized Christmas gift
and I never took the time to unwrap and open it, how would you feel?
You’d be disappointed, hurt, and angry at my callous rejection of your generous love.
And for me, the gift would be worthless if I left it wrapped and sitting in the corner.
There would be zero benefit to me.

It is astounding that so many people have celebrated Christmas every year of their lives
without ever having opened their greatest and most expensive Christmas gift.
Jesus Christ is God’s Christmas gift to you.
Wrapped up in Jesus are all the benefits and blessings
mentioned in this book – and so much more!
In Jesus, your past is forgiven,
you get a purpose for living,
and you get a home in heaven.

Why celebrate Christmas if you’re not going to open the best gift of all?”