Sunday Morning Bible Study

The Great Divorce
by C.S. Lewis
Jan. 7 - Feb. 25
9:00 - 9:50
Meeting Upstairs in the Room Across
from our Pastor's Office.
C.S. Lewis’ The Great Divorce is a classic Christian allegorical tale about a bus ride from hell to heaven.
An extraordinary meditation upon good and evil, grace and judgment,
Lewis’s revolutionary idea in the 
The Great Divorce is that the gates of Hell are locked from the inside.
The damned spirits are given the option to stay and enjoy the bliss of Heaven,
but they can only do so by leaving behind what is keeping them
in Hell and by accepting the love of God.
Using his extraordinary descriptive powers.

The Great Divorce will change the way we think about good and evil.
This book manages to handle a deep subject and be a good read.
It is available at the book table for $8.
Loaner copies are also available.