Bible Study/Discussion Group for Adults

Class Resumes on September 18

9:00 - 9:50

Meeting Downstairs in the Family Room

It's not just back to school time for the kids!
It's also our chance to continue our learning.

Our first fall study will be on the Book of Psalms.
In Psalms God speaks to us of the nature of the divine, the nature of humankind,
and their relationship to each other.
The psalms are the words of persons who speak directly to God of their
faith and fear, their praise and lament, their trust and doubt.
In that sense, they are as current today as when they were first written.

We will learn about psalms, learn how to pray the psalms, and explore specific psalms.
Psalms was the early Hebrews worship book, it was Jesus' worship book.
Psalms is the most quoted book in the New Testament.
There is much there for us to learn.

The class will meet downstairs in the Family Room
from 9:00 - 9:50 each Sunday.

Please come and join us!