Sunday Morning Bible Study for Adults
9:00 - 9:55 AM
Meets in the Rabbi's Study
Behind the Front of the Sanctuary

Christianity and World Religions
by Adam Hamilton
Feb. 2 - Mar. 8

Pastor and best-selling author Adam Hamilton presents
one of his most popular topics in this

new 6-week video
The study explores four major world religions:
Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Judaism,
and compares
the beliefs of each
with those of Christianity.

Some of the
questions to be dealt with are:
• Why are there so many different religions?
• How should Christians view other religions?
• How is God at work in other religions?
• What is the fate of those who earnestly pursue God
through other religions?

In examining these major world religions and the beliefs
of their followers, Hamilton urges us as Christians to
build bridges with others so that we might grow in our
faith, seek peace in our world, love our neighbors,
find positive ways to share.

Adam Hamilton is an United Methodist pastor and best selling author.
His book can be purchased for $11.
Copies are available for loan.

The Art of Forgiving
When You Need to Forgive and Don't Know How
March 15 - April 5 & April 19
Skipping meeting on Easter Sunday, April 12

“ The Art of Forgiving” by Lewis Smedes. Books $12
There is no video so it will be important to do the reading.

This inspiring and thoroughly practical book leads us through
the 3 stages of forgiveness and helps us understand the following:
*Why we forgive (often the person who forgives benefits the most)
*What we do when we forgive (perhaps not what you expect)
*Whom we forgive (only those who directly wrong us)
*How we forgive (we begin by owning our pain)