This Fall We Will Have a Different Study Every Month
All studies will be Sunday Mornings from 9:00 - 9:50
Meeting in the Library

During the Month of September
Beginning September 16
Letting the Bible Speak to You

Do you read a passage and say, “Huh?”

Do you feel that you need to have a
scholar or study guide interpret for you?

Does your lack of biblical knowledge
keep you quiet during discussions?

If any of these statements describe you,
consider attending a three-week introductory
course on “The ABC Strategy for Studying the Bible”.

The emphasis of this study is on
accessible, practical, personal application of scripture.

The goal is a sense of expectation
of meeting with God when you sit
down with the Word.

During the Month of October
Beginning Oct. 7
You've Got Mail: A Letter from James

James, the brother of Jesus, has written
us a letter that closely follows that of Jesus’
Sermon on the Mount.

It reads like a collection of short homilies and deals with
issues that we struggle with today such as
snobbery, an uncontrolled tongue,
trusting in material
prosperity and more.

Using the ABC Strategy for studying the Bible,
we allow James to speak to us directly.

During the Month of November
Beginning Nov. 4

Grateful: The Transformative Power of Giving Thanks

We know gratitude is good,
so why do so many of us find it hard
to sustain a meaningful life of gratefulness?

In this book, Diana Butler Bass helps us to see
gratitude as a path to greater connection with
God, others, the world and even our souls.

This book is both inspirational and practical.
This may be our most meaningful Thanksgiving yet!

During the Month of December
Beginning December 2

The Redemption of Scrooge is based on
Charles Dicken's A Christmas Carol and will explore
the world of Ebeneser Scrooge, Tiny Tim, and the Cratdhits
with an eye to Christian Faith.

We will meet the Ghosts of
Christmas Past, Present, and Yet to Come
and learn about living with and for others
in a world blessed by Jesus.