Mission Trip May, 2018

Greetings from Intibuca, La Esperanza, Honduras.
After just about 36 hours of travel and prep upon arriving in La Esperanza
the Church Family Missions team from South Lake Tahoe finally got some sleep Monday night.
Tuesday brought us our first day of work.
Our first day of work was in the village of Santa Rafael about 1 ½-hour drive from La Esperanza.
We helped get the medical team set up before rolling out to our project.

Our construction team's projects were to pour two floors for two different but impoverished families.
One of the families is a widow and her two children.
Wednesday we will wrap up the concrete pour at the widow's house and do some re-roofing.
This, of course, after we fulfill our "Roadie" obligations helping get the medical team set up.
We get to begin our day at 5:30 with devotions at 6:00, breakfast at 6:30,
then hitting the road for the 1 ½-hour drive.

We will be working our way getting closer to La Esperanza before packing up on Saturday
to head over to Marcala and Las Cabaños (I think that's how it's spelled) for the second leg of the project.

Bendiciones, Garth

National Ministries:
                       Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship – Sarah Devaney serves as area director for
                                                                                             N. Nevada and N. Calif college campus ministry.           
                       The Nevada Presbytery
                       Church Family Missions – short-term ministry to Central American countries
                                                                        via a Tahoe branch of Beyond Partnerships.

International Ministries:
                       Advancing Native Missions – supporting indigenous Christian workers in Nepal and Southeast Asia.
                                                                          P.R. Misra of that organization has met with our congregation.
                       New Hope – Located in Hungary. Csilla Lesko works in publication of Christian materials/curriculum
                                            for sale, and training projects for local Christian staff.
                       4-D Ministries – Rei Abrudan works with youth and clergy training in Romania,
                                                     including summer camps and outreach projects.
                       Elam Ministries – Iranians in-country and expatriates are served through publication/distribution of the Bible
                                                     in Farsi, TV programming, Internet ministry, and magazine publication,
                                                     as well as a Bible training college in London.