LTCPC has maintained a strong commitment to mission ministry outside the Tahoe community,
based on a policy of tithing its annual income for support of
several Christian ministries/individuals with whom our congregation has long term ties.

National Ministries:
                       Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship – Sarah Devaney serves as area director for
                                                                                             N. Nevada and N. Calif college campus ministry.           
                       The Nevada Presbytery
                       Church Family Missions – short-term ministry to Central American countries
                                                                        via a Tahoe branch of Beyond Partnerships.

International Ministries:
                       Advancing Native Missions – supporting indigenous Christian workers in Nepal and Southeast Asia.
                                                                          P.R. Misra of that organization has met with our congregation.
                       New Hope – Located in Hungary. Csilla Lesko works in publication of Christian materials/curriculum
                                            for sale, and training projects for local Christian staff.
                       4-D Ministries – Rei Abrudan works with youth and clergy training in Romania,
                                                     including summer camps and outreach projects.
                       Elam Ministries – Iranians in-country and expatriates are served through publication/distribution of the Bible
                                                     in Farsi, TV programming, Internet ministry, and magazine publication,
                                                     as well as a Bible training college in London.