Dear LTCPC Members and Friends,


The Pastor Nominating Committee is pleased to announce that we have selected a candidate to bring forward as our new pastor. After over a year of reading applications, interviewing people and listening to sermons God has led us to

the best pastor to match our church’s needs and to help us move forward, Reverend Bob Kelley.


Bob has a Masters of Divinity from Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. His first call was as an Intern for First Presbyterian Church Texarkana, Arkansas. He also was solo pastor for First Presbyterian Church Sealy, Texas and St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church Shreveport, Louisiana. Currently Bob is employed with the State of Nevada, and is a pastor at large in the Nevada Presbytery. He has been the Synod commissioner for Nevada and moderator of sessions for many churches in our Presbytery, including ours. Bob comes to us with a wealth of pastoral experience and a passion to spread Christ’s love to all.


During our process, the Pastor Nominating Committee reads a candidate’s resume where they have answered questions we have posted. Bob’s answer to one question describes his passion for the church and its mission.


Describe the ministry setting to which you believe God is calling you.

“I feel called to a church that has a care and concern for people. That would include people present in the church, and those to whom the church needs to reach out. That could be people who are hurting because of illness or tragedy; those who are poor, in need, or without hope. It can even include those who appear fine, yet are still lost without God. I would like to work alongside and provide leadership for church members who understand the need, but are looking for someone to help them with getting it done. I feel called to a church where the members are interested in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. I want to be involved in a congregation who wants to have more than a verbal relationship, who are interested in discovering not whom society says Jesus is, but finding the Jesus of the Bible and what he is really calling us to be and do. I am very Presbyterian in my theology and sense of governance, not as an end in itself but as a way to fulfill the ministry that God has given us.”


We as the Pastor Nominating Committee are pleased to present Robert C. Kelley to our congregation as our candidate for Pastor of Lake Tahoe Community Presbyterian Church.

              *Bob was unanimously elected by the congregation on June 5, 2016 and he began as our new installed (permanent) pastor on
July 1, 2016.


The Pastor Nominating Committee:

              Susan Baker      Garth Butz      Adrian Cook    Chris Cromwell    John Harbison

Stanley Rohrbacher III    Glen Smith     Sally Wilke    Jane Ellis-Touyran