Coffee and Conversation

Meeting Weekly During the Fall

Some people are just not available to take part in a
small group study on Sunday mornings.

Beginning in September,
all studies will not only be offered on Sunday mornings,
but will also be offered in a home during the week.
For more information, please click here.

We hope that you will enjoy our new
Coffee & Conversation offering.

The Alpha Course
by Nicky Gumbel

Begins Mid-October 2018
and will be offered as a daytime class

The Alpha Course is a 15-session
practical introduction to the Christian Faith.
It is sometimes called "Christianity 101".

 It addresses foundational questions while providing participants
with an opportunity to question and explore the meaning of faith.
This course is appropriate for non-believers as well as believers
who want to grow in their knowledge and strengthen their faith.

The course, which will begin the week of October 21, will be lead by
Rev. Bob Kelley as a daytime study.
If you are interested, please call 775-392-1715,
then a day and time will be arranged by
the participants and the leader.

Shoebox Gifts
Samaritan's Purse
International Relief
Shoeboxes Need to be Done by Nov. 11

This organization is lead by Franklin Graham
and for the last 25 years they have been
collecting shoeboxes filled with gifts
and delivering them to children in need
around the world.
Each box is an opportunity for a child to experience
the love of God in a tangible way and to hear the Gospel.

We have the materials needed for you
to put together an
Operation Christmas Child Shoebox Gift.
Please see Karin Extrum for more information.

Thanksgiving Potluck
Saturday, Nov. 17
Begins at 6:00 PM

Everyone is Welcome.
Please bring a dish to share.
Beverages will be provided.

Our 17th Annual Progressive Dinner
Will be Sunday, Dec. 9
Beginning at 4:30

Sign-up sheet wills be in the
Sunday bulletins in November.
For questions, please call
Karen DeVos at 530-544-3767.